There’s a lot of bad news today.  Sometimes people can confuse the Gospel, which means ‘good news’, with bad news.  It’s easy to see that mankind needs fixing.  The Gospel addresses fixing the problem by saving us individually.


The Bad News: Individually, we have all sinned against our Holy God. (Rom.3:23)  We have turned away from Him, seeking our own way to find life.  This leaves us dysfunctional and desperate, because God created us to find our life in Him.  But, because His holiness reveals our sinfulness, we tend to resist His Spirit, not wanting to admit our desperation.  However, when we realize our need, the best response is to agree with God and admit that we have turned away from Him.  Many people spend a lifetime resisting this reality and make excuses for why they won’t admit their own emptiness without God. (Rom.6:23) That’s the bad news.


The Good News:  When we admit that we have turned away from our Holy God, we are ready to see that He has provided a way to be reconciled to Him.  The Bible teaches us that God is love. (1 John.4:7,8)  In His love, He became our Savior – Jesus Christ. (Rom.5:8)  God became a man and lived a perfect, sinless life in fellowship with God the Father.  Jesus paid for our sinfulness by suffering the consequences of our sins – death.  He had victory over sin and death and was raised from the dead.  Now, in Jesus Christ, sin has been dealt with and death has been conquered. (John 3:16) That’s the good news.  But wait, there’s more!


The Offer:  God has simply called us to believe in His provided salvation and to personally confess our need for Him.


(Rom.10:9,10) This includes confessing the victory of Jesus Christ over our sin and death. By confessing to God that we are in need of His salvation, He forgives and cleanses us. (1Jn.1:9)  So, you can be reconnected to God, because He loves you that much – and that’s the best news!  Simply believe and ask!


If you’re in that place where you would like to begin a relationship with the Lord, please let us know.  We’ll get you some resources that will really help.  Also, we can help you find a place to fellowship with other believers and become a part of the body of Christ, the Church. Contact Us!