what to expect

On Sunday Mornings we meet together to fellowship, worship the Lord, and hear from Him in His word.  You'll find Calvary Chapel River Fellowship to be a casual fellowship with people dressed comfortably. There’s usually coffee and refreshments available with an informal social time before our worship and after our service.  

Our toddler’s class is open before the service; the older children are included in the Sanctuary for worship and are dismissed to their classes during announcements.  The worship music is contemporary in style and ranges from a guitar with vocals to a larger musical group.  The words to the songs are projected on the overhead screen for all to participate.

After announcements and a short break, we begin our Bible Study.  We spend around 40 minutes studying through the Scriptures – book-by-book, verse-by-verse.  The total service time is around 90 minutes.  After the service is over, fellowship and prayer continues (our church loves to spend time together).


On Wednesday Evenings we have our mid-week Bible Study.   We have a time of worship, prayer, and Bible Study.  The total service time is around 90 minutes.  Because this is a smaller group, questions and comments are welcome during the study time.  Prayer and fellowship surround our service times.



At Calvary Chapel River Fellowship we realize that there are all sorts of needs at various seasons of our lives.  We want to help.  If you, or someone you know, need some assistance in any area, please let us know.  Even if the church is unable to specifically meet your needs, we partner with various ministries in the community and can put you in contact with specific groups and helps.