When God Became a Man

The Lord in all His glory. Found by those who seek Him. All powerful, all knowing, sovereign in all His ways. To ponder this is beyond me. I sometimes simply quit trying to understand. And in the shrugging off of these lofty thoughts, I can find a moments rest, though only momentary at best. Yet, if the ponderings of our Great God challenge me too much, I can always return my mind to humanity and the issues of this life. And sadly, this life’s cares and worries can fill quite a few moments, though never restfully.

But, this one thing I cannot find refuge from – God became a man. He knows the temptations of a tired mind. He understands the wanderings of thought and emotions. He is very aware of the way my soul struggles and rationalizes my complacency. He knows and has experienced the weakness, and the wrestling of desire and independence. From this One I cannot hide.

For truly wherever I go God is there, even before me. For maybe the lofty thoughts of His deity can be laid aside for a while, but in His humanity He knows me. He sees my heart and knows my mind! From this One I cannot escape. When my thoughts betray me, He knows. When unbelief and doubt surround me, He understands that place. When I’m bewildered by my ever-present sin, I am reminded that He cried out to His Father on the day of His separation. He knows sorrow and hurt. He feels joy and rest. He’s familiar with betrayal. Being forsaken. Alone. He learned obedience, and He knows endurance, sweat and disappointment. And through it all, He served. He prayed, worshipped, waited, and loved. He washed, fed and touched the needy – always speaking truth and rightly representing His Heavenly Father.

From this One I cannot hide.

I will not hide.

I need not hide.

Because, He knows me.


Pastor Chris

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Friday, 25 September 2020